pimp new Jean Claude shads

pimp new Jean Claude shads

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

selftitle untitled

some random shots from melaque.  guayabo and i chilliin hard at muertos and some late afternoon sessions out fron of diego's pad.

Thursday, April 7, 2011


some new scribble while ive been home nursing my back.  tweeked the funk out of it the other day at west trying to do layback- yoga poses on the sider.  heat pads and pk's all day wrong.  shape shifter ear blister. oldy but a goody

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


some new scribbles while ive been home nursing my back.  tweeked the other day at west while trying to do yoga poses on the sider.  heat pad and pk's all day wrong

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

muchu says......get shaaaked!

the other day; oober pasario at muertos.  Tule gota crazy one around the rocks and had to leap frog a boulder.  sketch ditch.  cant get enuff of this spot.  it was knda small today so we just chilled around the house. muchu and i got a hucky boost sesh in the afternoon.  some good clean holiday fun;  not a holiday however.  went to barra for dinner: found a sweet taco joint that serves complimentary carne asada chunks in the side orders of grilled onions.... the antigrind.  leaving tomorrow.  my future looks grim.  hopefully a sesh in manzanillo on the way to guatalajara (soo many a's in guAtAlAjArA).  and if its rainy and cold when i get home im gonna hurl my cell phone out the window on the 5 frwy.  whatup caltrans?

Sunday, February 27, 2011

flour, makin art, and stail pescado?

brain leisure o gratis

im getting circled by bats right now in melaque. i think they can smell my veggie blood.  u cudnt pay me to speak down on this place.  chillin level 10 maxed out.  trip recap:  san diego greyhound to tijuana redeye to guatalajara for sunrise.  four hour drive to hidden fresh cut cilantro siders that took 20 wrong turns to find.  soobs good sider sesh on the backside.  frothing....checked out Diego's store in manzanillo. its sick. mite get to paint a wall in there. day 2 muertos. more oobs.  the local kids are killing it soo hard now:  fillete de pescado on the daily; contest conditions were grimy(and yes that means good) as standard.  caught a chuck d late afternoon air sesh. wind and all but mad crazy fun.  lost today to fido the loc dog fs guru. no shame in that.  mo and sammy in the finals: sammy straight murdare:  tripas and muchu in the semi like two giraffes dukin it out: neck to neckin it:  no idea who took 3rd/ps like my flower pic? i make art now?  mo just spotted a ghetto geko running the wall.  doin a wall stall like chris walltholl.  who knows what is to come.  i may just never leave. sorry james.....

Monday, January 24, 2011

b.l.o.g.(nar) part two? blind lioness of germany

woke up today, stretched, and said "yes ......today i will shred the gnar"  saw Bailey in town after a little heidelburgler breakfast.  we cruzed down to aliso to find some buttery biscuits.  shreded with geo and hunter for a bit but the sesh was short lived.  went home, refuled, and cruzed back for an evening sider sesh. got a few fun ones.  def woke up on the right side of the bed.  love the shred